Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking Bread - Sourdough

Moldy starter is not good.

I opened my jar of sourdough starter to prepare it for baking, and there was mold at the top of the jar! I contacted Linda at and she is so wonderful, she sent me another packet of starter right away. Thanks, Linda! You are great!

I tried to figure out why it got moldy, and I think it got "infected" by my doggie biscuits for Maggie. (That recipe and story coming soon.) The biscuits were on the counter, in a canister. I had baked them and let them cool overnight before putting them in the canister. I even had the canister left open slightly so if there was any moisture, they could dry out.

It did not work. They ended up getting moldy at the bottom. I set the jar of starter on the same counter, unknowingly putting it right next to floating mold spores! I would not be surprised if some mold spores floated right into my jar of starter. And, thus, INFECTION!

But, now I have activated my new sourdough starter. I have also thrown out the bad biscuits and cleaned everything! Hopefully I got it all and won't have another infection.

Have a fabulous shopping weekend - if you are shopping!

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