Monday, December 28, 2009

P. Croissant

One of my favorite things to do is try local restaurants. It doesn't matter where we are - here in Phoenix or travelling in Key West. I like to find the non-chain restaurants and eat someplace and try something completely different. It almost always results in an adventure for my husband and me.

Recently, we had work in Tempe in the morning. After the inspection, we were hungry. It was that time of day when it is not yet lunch time, so we were looking for a place that served breakfast. We drove by P. Croissant and thought, "Perfect! We love croissants!"

Croissants are lovely little creations. Like the bagel, croissants are so versatile. They function well at breakfast or lunch, and for dessert, and I suppose, possibly even dinner. Eaten by themselves, they are mouth watering, light and buttery. Paired with yummy fillings, they can be decadent. (Can you tell I really like croissants?)

P. Croissant was exactly what we were craving. They served filled, flavored croissants (marked with icing patterns to designate the filling - clever!), and croissant sandwiches, in addition to salads and other sandwiches on oat bran or whole wheat breads. They also had coffees and lattes.

Since we were in a breakfast kind of mood, we ordered croissant sandwiches with bacon, egg, vegetables (bell peppers) and cheddar cheese. It was really good! And filling - I recall skipping actual lunch that day. The croissant was buttery and flaky, and delicious. The scrambled egg was very hot, but done well. The bacon was crispy crunch, and the bell peppers were not overdone.

We also had a cup of coffee each, mocha latte for me, and regular latte for the hubby. My mocha latte was tasty, not too much chocolate, not too much coffee.

I will go back to P. Croissant if we are ever in the area again, at any time - breakfast or lunch! It was a charming, cozy restaurant, with tables and chairs inside and out, and French decor. The service was friendly as well. I told the young lady behind the counter that we had never been there before, and she happily went through their options and the menu for me, and gave us time to choose. It was very relaxed. And, most importantly, the food was good.

Good food, good atmosphere and LOCAL! Check out their website for their location, menu, catering options and general info.

:) :) :) :)
(4 smiles out of 5)

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